Hi, I'm Nancy.

(My friends call me Nancita)

Picture this: a former teacher turned coach, on a mission to infuse a little Latino and Indigenous wisdom into the professional coaching scene.

I kicked off my coaching journey with a bang, launching Comadre Coaching in 2003 and introducing the world to concepts like "Release Your Inner Loca" and sprinkling Spanglish throughout my web copy.

Let's just say, I was ahead of the curve – maybe a tad too ahead! I faced more microaggressions than you can imagine, from curious souls wondering if I only coached Latinas to those asking if I spoke English (spoiler alert: sí, I do!). And don't even get me started on the enchilada recipe requests – a whole saga in itself!

But you know what? I loved it, defying expectations every step of the way.

"I'm inspired by Nancy's presentation and how I can uncover my personal value and advocate for myself better. I will continue to take from the exercises to develop my inner voice and project it."

Audience Member, Lean In Latinas "Take Charge" Conference

On Being an O.G.

In recent years, as I connected with young Latina coaches proudly embracing their Latinidad and Indigenismo, I found myself reminiscing about the early days of Comadre Coaching.

Story after story poured out, each one a testament to the spirit of innovation and resilience that defined that era.

And then it hit me – it was time to revive Comadre Coaching. Sure, I've grown and evolved since those early coaching days, but the essence of who I am remains unchanged.

Today, I bring to the table a wealth of wisdom and experience, infused with the kind of insights that only come from living life to the fullest. My Inner Loca and my Inner Jefa are happy together!

Between Then and Now...

In the years since Comadre Coaching first graced the scene, I've been on a whirlwind of impactful adventures. From collaborating with small startups to rubbing elbows with tech giants and non-profits, my journey has been nothing short of eclectic.

My consulting and training company has carved out a space as champions of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. As a certified Minority Business Enterprise, Women's Business Enterprise, and Woman-Owned Small Business, we're all about creating safe havens for transformation, tackling topics like communication, emotional intelligence, and inclusion and belonging. I love doing this work and it allows me to bring my gifts to workplaces so badly in need of compassion.

But it doesn't stop there. I'm also a mentor, a volunteer, and a leader in organizations dedicated to empowerment and social justice. Your comadre stays busy!

And with my baby almost finished with college (Go Bears!), I'm gearing up for the next chapter – one filled with travel, adventure, and a whole lot of gratitude for this thing called life!

I get to do work I love, live a life I love, and be a positive light in the world. I want the same for my clients, in whatever way that shows up for them.

Thanks for letting me share my journey with you!

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