Add Some Spiritual Spiciness

If you're all about that spiritual vibe (and it's not about religion – it's about connection), let's sprinkle some magic into your coaching journey. Did you get the memo that you can be spiritual and unconventional at the same time? No need to be too serious or stoic.

I credit a high school class in Comparative Religion as the life event that opened my eyes, matched with my thirst for knowledge and inner calling to find life's meaning. For decades I've explored my indigenous roots, and learned from sages, mystics, wise elders, and humble teachers.

Along the way I became a licensed Spiritual Practitioner with Centers for Spiritual Living. I've dived deep into the realms of truth, honing my skills through years of coursework, practice, and some serious soul-searching. My mission? To help you rediscover the divine spark within – because you're a whole, perfect, and downright divine being!

Whether you're craving a deep dive into the cosmos or just looking to dip your toe in the spiritual pool, consider this your invitation to spice up your coaching experience with a spiritual infusion.

Pick Your Level of Heat

You may have an established spiritual practice that needs little to no tweaking. Or you might be new to it and want to go deeper. Wherever you are, we can incorporate practices into our coaching that connect your mind, your heart, and your spirit.

Take your pick of spice levels – from mild to caliente – with customized practices such as:

  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Journaling
  • Affirmations (and the secret to getting them to actually work in your life!)
  • Affirmative Prayer
  • Values Alignment and Life Visioning
  • Personal Retreats
  • Psychic Development

The goal is to design what works for you and fits into your life. And yes, rebel that you are, it's customized to suit your needs and your style.

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